The kidney cleanseis the perfect alternative to expensive hospital visits and surgical procedures. Its recommendations for a healthy diet and lifestyle change can dissolve small stones in a matter of weeks. It will also require you to drink plenty of water in order to wash out all of the toxins accumulating in your body.

As you can see, this simple procedure will not only help as a kidney flush. It can filter your kidneys and remove all the toxins from your blood. After this procedure, you will notice a gradual change in your overall health and well-being.

Kidney cleansing: an overview

The kidney cleanse involves a three-day fast that requires large volumes of apple juice and water intake. You can drink one gallon of water and apple juice separately or you can also mix them together.

Worried about your safety? Let me put your mind at rest.

This cleansing procedureis 100% natural and great for your health. Although its results vary from one person to another, this method for removing kidney stones can actually prevent the formation of more uric acid stones.

Popular herbs for a natural kidney cleanse

Different herbs are used to dissolve or remove kidney stone formations. Try preparing some of these herbs to get the best results from your cleansing program.


Parsley is popular for detoxifying your kidneys and flushing out toxins. It can be used to treat and  prevent the formation of more stones in your kidneys. It contains an active compound called Apoil, which is presently used for treating various kinds of kidney diseases.


Nettles are also effective herbs used to cleanse the body. With their anti-bacterial and diuretic properties, nettles can both treat and prevent stone formations in the kidney. Available in tea and capsule form, nettles can help you succeed in your goal to dissolve kidney stones the natural way.

Urva Ursi

Finally, Urva Ursi is also a great herb used for treating and preventing uric acid stones. When it is taken orally, it has anti-microbial and disinfecting properties. Aside from allowing the stones to pass through your urinary tract, it helps remove the toxins from your liver and gallbladder.

For the full list of herbs and ingredients needed to perform an effective kidney flush, have a look at this report. It also includes everything you need to know about kidney stones and how to deal with themnaturally.

Preparing for the kidney flush

Before using different concoctions to get rid of kidney stones, you have to start limiting your food intake first. This will prepare your body for the 3-day fast. During the first fasting day, drink plenty of fruit juices and distilled water.

Next, use a combination of different herbs that can rejuvenate your kidneys. These herbs can ensure a successful kidney stone flushby removing all the toxins inside your kidney. Concoctions made from rosemary and celery can speed up the results from the cleansing diet you choose to perform.

With these effective tips, you can easily perform a kidney cleansethat can remove all the toxins and crystallized minerals accumulating in your kidneys. And bring your body back to full health.