Working hand-in-hand with you, to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Preparing for admission can be a daunting task. Here is a useful checklist on what you should bring on the day of your admission:

A referral letter from a certified medical professional
Original copies of identification including any of the following: identity card, birth certificate (for patients below 15 years old), senior citizen pass, work permit/ employment pass, driver’s license or a valid passport (for non-Singaporeans)
Medical benefits card or letter of guarantee from insurance company/employer
(applicable to companies which have credit arrangements with the hospital)
Previous medical health reports e.g. X-Ray, Laboratory Reports, Blood Test Results, etc, if any
A list of all medication and the dosage which you are presently taking, if any
Any forms or letters pertaining to your payment which have not been submitted (For Singaporean/ Permanent Resident using Medisave, approved Integrated Insurance Plans or company letter of guarantee).
For Medisave payment, if you are claiming from an account that does not belong to you, a photocopy of the account holder’s identity is required.
To make your stay more comfortable, we’d strongly encourage all patients to bring along their own nightwear for any inpatient procedures. Pyjamas will only be available upon request.

*To avoid loss of personal valuables, you are encouraged to bring only essential items during your stay.


Upon arrival at the hospital, proceed to the reception counter located at level one. Our staff will run through the necessary procedures and gather from you the information required in preparation for your admission.

All patients undergoing inpatient procedures will be admitted into one of the single-bedded wards located on level 3 of the hospital. Patients undergoing day surgical procedures will be brought to our Day Surgery Beds located on level 2 of the hospital.

You are strongly encouraged to bring only essential items to avoid loss of personal valuables.

During Your Stay

Ensuring a healthy and balanced diet is a pivotal element of the overall inpatient care programme at the Hospital.

Inpatient meals will be provided for by our in-house caterer, including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. For patients undergoing day surgical procedures, depending on the time of admission, we will be able to provide light snacks upon request.

Special dietary requirements can be arranged upon request, do alert our staff upon admission.

Patients undergoing inpatient procedures will have access to the below items:

Bath towel
Face towel
Soap-free shampoo / shower gel
Shower cap
Cotton pad/bud
Disposable shaving set (upon request)
Hair dryer (upon request)
Pajamas (upon request)

Toiletries will not be provided for patients undergoing day surgical procedures. However, should you require any essentials to make your stay more comfortable, do alert our staff upon admission.

Communication within the hospital
Each room is equipped with a telephone. Additional charges will be incurred for overseas calls. Please approach our staff for more details on the call rates.

Use of handphones
You are encouraged to set your handphone to silent mode and moderate your volume to avoid causing inconvenience to fellow patients and hospital staff. Usage of handphone should also be avoided within a 2-metre proximity to any medical equipment in the ICU.

Free Wi-Fi is available within the hospital. Please approach our staff for network details.

In-room entertainment
Free-to-air channels are available in each ward. We also provide 12 Video-on-demand movies, and access to thousands of digital radio channels. You will also be able to browse your favorite Internet content and stay in touch with your friends and family via your in-room iPad 3.

Reading materials
The major local broadsheets are available on a daily basis. Selected international publications are also provided for. If you would like a particular magazine title, please approach our staff and we would be happy to purchase it for you.


Leaving the hospital
Our doctors will advise on the expected date/time of discharge. Patients deemed fit for discharge will be advised on/provided with the below, where necessary:

Prescribed medication
Instruction on follow-up care
Medical certificate
Follow-up appointment and other arrangements

* Patients will be required to sign an AOR (At Own Request) form if you wish to be discharged against doctor’s advice.

Discharge Procedure
The default discharge time at Fortis Surgical Hospital is 12noon. Additional half-day room rate will be charged for discharge after the default time but before 8pm. Thereafter, a full day’s rate will be levied.